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Channel Catfish are a tasty fish and definitely worth considering for aquaponics or aquaculture enthusiasts who plan to raise fish for food.  In fact, because of their popularity as a food source, the Channel Catfish is the most fished species of Catfish in the United States with 8 million anglers targeting them per year.

Channel Catfish are very hardy fish, a feature that makes them a welcome addition to aquaponics or aquaculture environments. Able to survive in temperatures ranging from just above freezing to 100˚ F, the optimal temperature for raising Channel Catfish ranges from 75˚ - 86˚ F. Slightly hardier than even the popular  Tilapia breeds, Channel Cats will continue to grow in lower temperatures when Tilapia growth would normally slow. While they can survive in somewhat poor conditions, Channel Catfish will do best if their environment has good aeration, filtration and water flow.

Channel Catfish mature between three and eight years of age and can live as long as 15 to 20 years. To reproduce, the male typically finds a cave or hollow where he will invite the female to lay her eggs. The male then stays and guards the eggs, using his tail to fan water over them to keep them oxygenated. Other names for the Channel Catfish are Ictalurus punctatus or Graceful Catfish.

At Live Aquaponics, we have both regular Channel Catfish for sale and the albino Channel Catfish for sale. On this page, you can choose the color you prefer, then choose between two sizes of Channel Cats: fry or fingerlings. If you are interested in a breeding colony or farm package, please visit the main “Fish” page of our site to learn more.

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